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The wedding day - the most beautiful day in the life of every man, because he is a happy beginning of a new phase in the life of two people who are now referred to as the sacred word - family.

The restaurant, boutique hotel "Varvaсi" - is the best place to organize a really gorgeous wedding, because here you can find a large banquet room, delicious cuisine and the staff of  true professionals- chefs and service staff.

Expensive interior design, excellent music, fine cuisine, best suited to your desire to spend the holiday, which many only wish they had - a wedding of PREMIUM class.

We practice an individual approach to every client, because we know that each person has only its own ideas about how things should go on the wedding day. With help of professional advice of our chef, you can make the most suitable to your taste the menu and, more importantly, make an order for the most optimal cost (from 1600 rubles / person).

You may also to order registration of marriage.
The convenient time of registration marriage,the place that fits the style of the celebration with wonderful decoration of the court, the appropriate musical accompaniment, individual script on-site registration  -are all the advantages over traditional marriage.

The upcoming to you a bright and memorable wedding day requires a decent completion - stop your choice on the luxe suite for the newlyweds!

Suite, where the romantic lovers will be able to hold its first unforgettable night, wrapped in a delicate scent of rose petals, an unforgettable experience of this day!


Wedding room boutique hotel "VARVACI" - is the choice of honeymooners, wedding anniversaries and just lovers who want to spend a romantic night in the historic center of Taganrog. It is a small hotel and romantic room is perfect place for the beautiful evening  by candlelight.