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Behind every successful event there are a good idea, a great team and reliable technique. This section - the possibilities of a boutique hotel "Varvaci" as a business center in Taganrog.

At your disposal - 100 sq. m. m for the organization of events.

The boutique hotel "Varvaci" differs from other hotels by the fact that there is a comfortable environment not only for living but also various business negotiations, conferences and forums.

Marble floors, high ceilings, windows and arches of the palace pillars create a sense of spaciousness. His decorative terrace - winter garden - an ideal place for coffee breaks and informal meetings.

In this regard, "Varvaci" proposes to use a conference room for 60 people and a room for private business lunches.

Note that in the hotel are provided with the following facilities:

- A portable two-way flip-chart with the details (magnets, markers);
- The notebook
- two wireless microphones;
- DVD-player
- the plasma TV panel;
- Wi-Fi.

Thus, a conference room equipped with everything necessary for a qualitative organization and holding of business meetings.

We are pleased to offer you organize a coffee break, buffet lunch or dinner and presentations at conferences of various sizes.

If you want to book a banquet hall - always at your service. Contact your account manager by phone (8634) 319-001.